Gum Update

I have heard for a while that aspartame is bad but my son really needs gum and I had found no alternatives in our local stores.  It was one of the first questions I asked vendors at the Autism Conference, ”where do I find safe gum?”  At the time I was less concerned with the Aspartame and more concerned that most commercial gums were made with Red 40 and our newly found Blue dyes.

We have just found Spry gum.  I have not tried it yet but it was recommended at the convention and by our neighbor that conveniently sells natural health products that I ran into at the mail box a couple of weeks ago.  It has been amazing to talk to her; she does not deal with autism but has gone all natural because of other health issues.  It has changed her live so much that it is now her career.

I can’t wait to get my new order of gum so he can safely chew without causing more problems because of the chemicals that are in the gum!

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