Books by Brandi Taylor

Make it Pink or I Will Raise a Stink!

This is  a story about a little girl who loves pink.  She is very sad when her favorite pink clothes end up with holes.  Her Mommy comes up with a solution.

ISBN: 1441474048; ISBN-13: 978-1441474049                       List Price: $12.50 Search Inside!





Coasties Guard US A through Z

An ABC book about the US Coast Guard.  Book Review

ISBN: 144211813X; ISBN-13: 978-1442118133

List Price: $12.50 Search Inside!






Everything’s Pink ABC’s

The pink princess got a hold of this ABC book and everything is PINK!

ISBN: 1448651034; ISBN-13: 978-1448651030

List Price: $12.00 Search Inside!



Grandpa’s Trees

This is a story about a girl named Kristin who visits Grandpa’s Farm.

Kristin loves visiting Grandpa’s Farm.  She will tell you all about her favorite activities at the farm, the animals she sees, and the food that she finds in Grandpa’s Trees.

ISBN: 144211956X; ISBN-13: 978-1442119567

List Price: $12.50 Search Inside!



Kyle’s Story tells about the challenges that we faced when our almost two year old son stopped walking.  This story tells of our daily trials, the things we dealt with, the frustrations, and how we were able to overcome the obstacles that were thrown our direction.  His story is meant to encourage families with similar situations there is hope and remind us all that God is not finished with us yet.

ISBN: 1450543626; ISBN-13: 978-1450543620 Search Inside!