Book Review

Coasties Guard Us A Through Z — Book Review


I recently had my book reviewed by John J. Galluzzo editor of the Wreck and Rescue Journal. Here is what he had to say “It’s cute, it’s short, and it’s meant for preschoolers. And it’s a great little book with a great little story. The story, though, is not within the pages, but behind them. Author Brandi Taylor is new to the game of authorship. But she knows her topic well. I’ll let her tell her own tale. ‘I served in the Coast Guard Reserves from June 1999 to 2007,’ she told me recently by email. ‘I was a BM3 stationed at Yaquina Bay in Newport, Oregon, and then at [Marine Safety Office] MSO Portland. I have a wall of Coast Guard photos and shelf with Coast Guard figurines. My children, who are two and four, love asking questions about the Coast Guard. I never could find a book that could answer their questions so I decided to write one myself. I chose the ABC theme because my oldest is trying to learn her ABC’s. I am excited to share my book as I am sure my kids are not the only ones interested in the Coast Guard.’ Coasties Guard Us A through Z fills a niche in the world of Coast Guard literature heretofore unfulfilled. While many books about the Life-Saving Service and Coast Guard have been written for children, preschoolers have had no such library. Thanks to the initiative of a mom with Coast Guard experience, her kids – and many more – will now be exposed to the fantastic work or the service, and will have the opportunity to understand why the men and women of the service have earned our deepest respect.”


John J Galluzzo Editor, Wreck and Rescue Journal