Good Bread

My youngest has never liked bread.  After we learned some of his allergies I just figured it was because he knew it made his tummy upset because he does not tolerate milk well and most bread you buy in the store has milk.  I went to the bakery last week to get some fresh bread to go with our homemade broccoli cheese soup and he loved the bread.  I was a little surprised, but once in a while he will eat bread so was not a big deal.

A couple of days ago we were given some bread from the same bakery and he almost threw a fit about having to have some.  That was a little weird, that is normally his brothers roll on bread not his.  That is when I realized maybe it was not just the milk but the preservatives too.

I had just read an article about the history of Pepperidge Farms, those little goldfish he loves, the mother that started the company had a son that had allergies to the preservatives and artificial ingredients in the breads she bought.  Hum, this sounds very familiar.

Along with the food allergies our son has allergies to preservatives too.  At the first sign of allergies it was so hard to figure out the problem because there was a combination of things that were contributing to making a really big problem.   We have been trying to add fresher foods and eliminate all the processed foods.  I guess I never thought of bread as processed food but of course they add preservatives to keep it fresher longer.

We went to the bakery this morning and he walked out with a baguette in his hands saying, “Good Bread!”  I think we will be visiting the bakery more often.

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