When Free from the top 8 allergens is not enough

It has been about two months since we found out our son did have true life threatening allergies not just the delayed intolerance we had previously known about for the last 4 years.  I left the doctor’s office with a new prescription for an EpiPen and not much else.  He had handed me the list of tests that were done a pediatric panel of 12 common food items.  7 of which had come back in the red, as in, don’t eat!  My first response was ok no big deal he really has not eaten most of these for 4 years and we know how to do this.  As I started to process, I asked the doctor what this meant for the two groups he had consumed, apples and rice.  The doctor calmly responded…he can’t have them anymore.  I looked at the doctor and said, “What am I suppose to feed him?” at which point he walked out of the room.

As we prepared dinner that night my husband and I just looked at each other.  What do we feed our growing boy?  Milk is back on the table but he had not had it in 6 years and eggs might be ok it had been 4 years.  We said, “CHIPS and CHEESE” as that is all he ever wants anyway…I think that will be the title to this story!